Monday, March 23, 2009

C-dog Continues to Pose With Regional Products

I bought this at the Kroger's grocery store near my house and... Mmmm... it tastes like the fiery soul of a Texan mixed liberally with vinegar. Which stands for... I don't know... our defeat at the Alamo or something.
Actually, it doesn't even matter because Texas Pete hot sauce is manufactured in Winston-Salem, NC. So this has actually just been a waste of everyone's time. Although I do take issue with their company appropriating the whole idea of Texas-ness to bolster the populist appeal of their product. The last time someone did that, we ended up with eight years of George W. Bush.
Ah, topical humor!
Topical for last year, anyway.
Look, the point is this: I bought some hot sauce and I'm going to go put a lot of it on a bowl of Chef Boyardee while I apply online to work at a Kroger's grocery store. Because that is my life now, apparently.
Parenthetically, I also bought a lot of beer.


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