Saturday, August 25, 2007

The ZFS! Guide to Anniversary Gifts, pt. 2

[And now, part two of my humble but oh-so-four-part guest series. Hopefully this will be enough to warm your cockles until Clint stumbles back into his apartment on Tuesday, drunk, pantsless, wanted in four states, and ready to home key it into your hearts. --Braden]

#2: The Cart Full of Frozen Dinners

You're a genius. A freaking genius. You're what happens when a diamond covered in platinum angels goes supernova during halftime at the Super Bowl. Or at least that's what you're hoping she'll say when you come home with a month's worth of Hot Pockets.

But just in case you have to explain to her why you rock harder than a reincarnated poly-armed Jimi Hendrix, here are some things you can tell her:

- "Well we needed groceries, and I noticed that *someone* hadn't bothered, so ..."

- "Don't worry -- I put it on your credit card. So it's almost like you're *making* money!"

- "Okay, you've got yours, now where's my PS3? PS3! PS3! PS3!!!"

- "Now you can focus on cleaning!"

[Tomorrow: Part III]


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