Monday, November 27, 2006

In Dreams

Does anyone know what it means when, all of a sudden, you start having bizarrely elaborate dreams that are so vivid you wake up utterly convinced that you're, say, running from the mob or being jointly sued by the states of California and New York for tax evasion? Because if anyone could help me with that, that'd be awesome. I'm really fucking tired.

I don't know what the hell's going on. All my life, I've been the type of person that doesn't dream a whole lot. Or, when I do dream, I dream about ridiculously boring things. I remember once, as a child, I dreamed three nights in a row about trying to jump over a card table. I've also had dreams about checking the mail, pumping gas, ordering increasingly large portions of french fries, trying on pants, buying used CDs and dropping off my laundry. For an extended period of time in my early 20's, I dreamed almost exclusively about wandering through abandoned airports. Oh sure, occasionally I'd be sitting at the long-unmanned Cinnabon and, every now and again, I'd find myself sprinting along the tarmac, but mostly it was just the wandering through empty terminals. I'm sure you could make a case for all of that being very symbolic, however, I'm not that deep.

Anyway, with that dream history, you can understand that I'm a bit out of sorts about this sudden dream-splosion of violent imagery and chaotic goings on. I miss my dull, restful dreams.

Anyone know how to get them back?

Eh... I'm going to try to go back to sleep; I'm off today, in an effort to burn off my remaining vacation days before the end of the year, so I'll probably have some exciting, non-dream related stuff up here later. Let's keep the excitement at a low boil, shall we?


Blogger Big Daddy said...

I find I have fugged up dreams if I eat before going to bed. Maybe that's it?

6:27 PM  

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