Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Variety of Thanks

Thanks to...

-The entirely pleasent, forever-huggable editors at Gawker for linking to my blog and giving this hillbilly a small taste of the classy, go-go world that exists in the global spotlight. May never get back there, but it sure felt awesome for my brief tenure and I really appreciate it.

-The readers of Gawker, for putting up with my rough, whiskery face. I know that it's shocking to see a picture like that without an advance warning and some psychological steeling but you all took it in stride and are stronger than most.

-My girlfriend, who took said picture (which was very nice, save for it's inclusion of the aforementioned atrocity) and who also came up with the title for the post in question. She's one in a million, and, dumb as I am, I won't forget that.

-The sly, shifty street vendor who preyed upon my weak mind and sold me the sham video game; turns out, that was the best eight bucks I've ever spent.

-The brewers of Budweiser beer and the makers of spring rolls, both of which we consumed in great quantities last night in a fit of late-evening celebration. That's right; we know how to party in Bay Ridge.

And, of course...

-Rupert Murdoch, who for once acted like a decent human being and gave the ghoulish, horrible OJ Simpson the boot from the NewsCorp family, apologizing to the familes of the deceased and publicly admitting his folly in the process. I don't usually like to pat multi-billionaire media tycoons on the back, but I feel he earned this one. And only this one. Otherwise, he's still an evil tyrant.


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