Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Responding to Your Comments From the Previous Post, But In ANOTHER Post...

NOTE: Because why not?

lacochran said...
Dear C-dog,Thanks for your missive of this February 10. Salt & Vinegar chips are the best chips evah. I'm not so interested in any of those topics. Sorry. Could you do something on athlete's foot? Oh.-lacochran (feel free to reply on my blog)

C-dog Says... Salt & Vinegar chips rock my ass, consistently and thoroughly. They're just so sharp and sassy, like an 80's sitcom neighbor but all up in my mouth. That's why I love them; they're like cultural time travel that's delicious.


youaretigerbait said...
CELEBRITY SANDWICHES. i would eat the shit out of Scarlet Johannsen's sandwich.

C-dog Says... That sounds kind of dirty, but also I totally agree with you.


Anonymous said...
I vote for the long promised conclusion to the zombie/liquor store in basement tale.....plus the clean-up of the blogroll as well....

C-dog Says... That story will be completed one day, but it might be many years from now and, given the state of things, it might be written in charcoal on the side of a burned-out building. What I mean to say is, THE END IS NIGH!!!


ML said...
C-Dog,I'm sorry to hear about your feet, but dude, we've been telling you to put on a clean pair of socks for weeks now. You really shouldn't be surprised.I'm doing alright. I could stand to be a little more awesome as well, but I suppose that if my biggest problem right now is deciding how I'm going to incorporate bacon into my next meal w/o having to make it, then I'm doing just fine.If you could make a celebrity sandwich with bacon on it, I would eat it. I would probably hit the Scarlet Johannsen sandwich as well. I don't do girls, but let's face it, she's hot. And we look alike according to some people I used to work with, so it's okay if it's kind of like doin' yourself right? I mean eating. Yourself. ...right?So I'm voting for celebrity sandwiches. It will give me an idea of how to incorporate bacon into lunch every day.-MLo

C-dog Says... I like it when my socks try to walk under their own power. Their own stanky, stanky power... Also, dude, bacon doesn't need to be "incorporated;" that's for fancy businessmen and people that own land. Just fry it up and dump it on or in or even sorta near whatever you happen to be eating. It's bacon!!!


The Unbearable Banishment said...
I go with idea #2 because it looks like that will require the greatest effort on your part and I’m not one to let folks off easy.Re: your athlete’s foot (feet?). It’s like when I go back to Ohio. The only ones wearing running suites are the people who have never jogged a day in their lives.

C-dog Says... Effort and I, historically, have never really been friends. HOWEVER, I feel that I am drunk enough to be up to the challenge!!!


popomaticjeff said...
I'm voting for the interview with Lord Humongous. I'm sure he has a lot of helpful hints on surviving the apocalypse.However, celebrity sandwiches sounds good also but that's probably because I'm hungry at the moment. I'm going to have lunch and think it over.

C-dog Says... Lord Humongous TOTALLY has a lot of helpful hints, particularly the way I write him. I do still like the Celebrity Sandwich idea... so many delicious comparisons and subtle ways to infer that they're total douchebags...


Bill From Gainesville said...
Celebrity Sandwhiches are my vote. Thanks for asking it makes me feel like my voice has been heard and that people out in the world care about what I think!--Life is going okay, I have this thing I want to talk about but it would take a long time to just give all the background so that you could be up to date when I finally got to the whole point. I thought about blogging about it but it involves my Ex-wife and she sometimes reads it --- This is the stuff you would tell a Girlfriend but I dont have a girlfriend so it has to be bottled up. That's how I am doing .

C-dog Says... Hey dude, I hear ya. I constantly have stuff bottled up inside me and one day it's going to explode all over a bunch of people who so didn't need the drama, were in fact just trying to have a quick meal at a Whataburger and seriously aren't cool with the fat guy crying on their fries. That's just life, I guess. Anyway, I hope you're doing alright and I hope that the thing you need to talk about isn't an STD.


The Imaginary Reviewer said...
Hello, first time reader, first time commenter. I like the second option. Oh, and I'm not going to steal your ideas, but the phrase "I will kill you in your face" has been noted in my Big Book of Things I'm to Start Saying All the Time. Hope this is okay.

C-dog Says... Hey, by all means dude. Enjoy the phrase and, if you ever happen to make any money off of it, know that I will indeed kill you in your face. Thanks for reading and sorry I threatened you just now!!!


Lioux said...
Ummm. #2. Celebrity Sandwiches.Doye.I'm also enjoying all the '#2' talk in the running commentary.

C-dog Says... That's our Lioux; a man that digs his poo-centric humor. This is why he's beloved.


Jack Burden said...
Given a choice between anything and Lord Humongous, I always go for Lord Humongous. The man's got style.

C-dog Says... He rocked a hockey mask and sweaty muscles better than just about anyone, there's no denying this.


jason quinones said...
i'm still waiting for you to finish your liquor run story....but if i had to choose...the Lord Humongous gets my vote! if for nothing else than to imagine you in assless chaps.

C-dog Says... I look spectacular in assless chaps. Know this much is true.


Sapphire said...
I love the celebrity Sammichez idea XD haha (and lol @ tigerbait's comment)About your athlete's foot, I hope you're using cream and/or spray for it , cuz it's very contagious and you don't want it in other places... *a-herm* ... spray all your shoes and socks and wash all your socks. Don't walk around barefoot :( . I cought it when I was 15 at cadet camp, and it's a bitch to get rid of. Remember, it's a fungus, so you gotta kill it. As for my life? I had to go bring my 14 month old boy for his shots today :( I felt like a bad person lol. good thing I drugged the shit out of him with baby Tylenol before we went, he didn't really know what was going on lol. I want more sleep... story of my life<3>

C-Dog Says... I assume you're referring to the crotch? The crotch is, thus far, un-tainted (ha!) by any sort of itch. Thanks for the concern though! Also, dude, I can't even imagine dealing with a 14 month old kid right now. Good for you for rocking out the Mom-jams. I can talk all day about silly pop culture junk and how I'm awesome but... for reals... you're the one kicking all the ass there is to kick.


Lioux said...
Hey everyone!....Come check out my new post on Celebrity Sandwiches!!!

C-dog Says... I WILL DESTROY YOU!!! Lord Humongous, go kill him in his face!!! Watch out for his blistering rock fury!!!


Sonny Amou said...
Dude. Do the sandwiches. It's your wheelhouse. It beckons, o it does.SA.

C-dog Says... That's kind of where I'm leaning, but honestly I'll probably just end up doing all of these at some point. Though I'm kind of surprised there's been no love for the romantic mummy. The thought of that ALONE is enough to give me the giggles.


Big Daddy said...
Sammich FTW!As for me personally, I am contemplating making a stop by Mickey D's for a Cheeseburger Happy Meal™.

C-dog Says... I hope your Happy Meal truly, TRULY made you happy. That's all I want, folks; I just want us all to be happy. God, I'm so benevolent.


October said...
While I am one of the noted horny middle schoolers with a thing for fictional vampires, I'd go with the celebrity sandwiches. Can it be several celebrities stuck together and covered in onion dip? 'Cause that would be the best thing ever.

Onion dip can be arranged, but I do need to talk to all the celebrities various publicists and handlers. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston can't be in the same foodstuff because of how he shanked her and, also, the Desperate Houswives ladies all hate each other and Miley Cyrus has crabs so she really shouldn't be in the onion dip with anyone else.

(hope Miley Cyrus doesn't sue me!!!)


Anonymous October said...

Why don't you combine your ideas? Sexy vampires in an onion dip sandwich. Lord Humongus could join them. God, I'm so good at this.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Todd said...

Mmmm... Miley Cyrus onion-dip flavored crabs... Just like mom used to make!

9:30 PM  
Blogger Bill From Gainesville said...

I feel like I am in some kind of house of mirrors, commenting on a post that was in and of itself derived from people commenting from another post. If you write another post about the comments from this post, it would be like copying a copy of something and so on, until eventually there is just a blank piece of paper. You could use that piece of paper as a placemat to put bacon on though

8:46 AM  
Blogger Lioux said...

OMG!!! I'm so confused. Are we supposed to comment on this post about our comments?

Is this a future post?

9:45 AM  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

@Lioux - It's like an episode of 'Lost'!

2:09 PM  

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