Monday, April 07, 2008

Hey, Go Listen To This Band

Who: She & Him

What: Actress Zooey Deschanel and indie music stud M. Ward's duo-of-the-moment.

When: Right this fucking second, homes.

Where: All over, I guess. Stores, the internet, concert venues, their respective showers... The link up top goes to their MySpace page, which has the whole album available for listening purposes but not for download, so that might be of use to you.

Why: Because they sound like a mid-60s collection of pop and country records that came alive and got a recording deal. If you can count on both hands the number of influences that stand proudly behind all of the songs on this album, then you've got a total of at least sixty fingers. You big freak. It should be noted that Deschanel does all the lead singing and she sounds like the bright morning of the last day before a loved one leaves for a long time.

How: The concept of "how" doesn't really fit into talking about a record, but if I have to answer, I'd say, "With your ears, doofus." I mean, that would be how you do it, I guess. Unless you have your own methods. Whatever, though, as long as you're doing it.


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