Friday, April 04, 2008

Plug! It! Up! Plug! It! Up!

I mentioned this a couple of days ago, but... because this is my blog and I can do what I want and you're not my real Dad and where we're going, we don't need roads... I'm going to bring it up again. Besides, plugging for your friends (and doing so with the help of Carrie references) is next to Godliness, which is next to cleanliness, which is next to this guy I used to know named David who drank a lot of Captain Morgan's and made rad-ass music on his computer. Sort of like Danzig, but way cooler because it was underground and the Japanese weren't making action figures out of him. Man, that guy was awesome...

Er... anyway... Heed my plug; I command it:

Everyone should go check out TRIVIOTIC on Monday nights at 8pm at Arrow Bar (85 Avenue A) in the East Village. It's hosted by a hell of a guy named Chris, who dislikes poor grammar but enjoys college basketball... which, it should be pointed out, will also be happening at the bar on Monday, in and around the quiz.

So there you go. I may or may not be there myself, though I'm going to try to be, but if I'm not, there will be a lot of other people there that are cool and handsome and funny and will help you break into the movies if you're willing to take your top off.

Oh, and drinks are 2-for-1 until 9pm. Just like your MOM!!! Ha!!!



Blogger Digital Fortress said...

My mom is dead...thanks.

I sure would like to drown the sorrow you just caused me at this bar, but it's like six states over damn it.

I know! You make a video of it and I'll watch it and pretend I am there too...What's that mother? No, he's not a "stranger" he's a person whose blog I visit...

2:31 PM  
Blogger Lioux said...

Have an Awesome Weekend, Clinton!

And Great.

Now I have THIS song stuck in my head!

No, really.

Thank you.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Scott H. said...

Dude... my mom has raised her prices since then. If you're gonna talk shit, know the facts!

3:38 PM  
Blogger Clinton said...

Digital... Oooh, awkward. Also, yeah, I guess I should have put a disclaimer on there about how people who don't live in NYC don't need to worry about it.

Lioux... Listening to Danzig is good for you.

Scott... Oooh, awkward. Sorry, Mrs. H!!!

3:54 PM  
Blogger Todd said...

Oh man, you should stay away from my mom on those "buy one get one" days. She gets tired, and when she's tired she's evil. Evil...

4:01 PM  
Anonymous J. said...

It would be a bit of a trek for me but my brother lives in Park Slope so maybe I'll tell him about it.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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