Monday, February 19, 2007

The Wait Begins REDUX

Once again I find myself at home on a Monday, waiting breathlessly in my jammies for a repairman. Yes, because it's apparently been blighted by God, our internet has gone out for the second time in as many weeks. So here I sit, drinking before 10am, a bag of doughnuts and Girlfriend's cat as my only companions, waiting and waiting and waiting, etc. At least this time I'm not playing hooky from work; President's Day and all that. I'd complain that this is a waste of a holiday but, eh... who would I be fooling? Pretty much, this is how I spend my days off anyway.

So, that's the situation. When we're operational, later today, I'm going to post the long-anticipated recap of my Bachelor Weekend's which, I guarentee you, was nowhere near as exciting as it should have been. It seems I'm even too lazy to properly party down.

See ya'll in a few hours. The doughnuts are calling.


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