Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So This Is The New Year

And I don't feel any different.

Actually, not to contradict the Death Cab or anything, but I do feel different. Namely, I feel like crap. I've got myself the makings of a sinus infection that is currently taking my nasal passages out into the alley behind the bar and beating them stupid with an empty bottle of booze. But, whatever, at least I wasn't sick during the holidays. Been there, barely remember that. Anyway, enough with the phlegmmy whining; let's instead look forward to the new year and the changes that I hope it will bring:

Goals for 2007, or "Enough With The Food, Already!"

-I'm going to stop being such a fat ass this year. Seriously, I'm like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, except that instead of cookies, it's cheeseburgers. Having your actions closely resemble those of a Muppet is not a good thing. And it's not that I look horrible or anything; I wear it reasonable well and my girlfriend has yet to start vomiting whenever I step out of the shower. It's mainly that I just don't feel healthy anymore. So... enough with the fast food, enough with the late-night eating, enough with the constant, cattle grazing-esque snacking at work. It's time for reasonable portions of food, for slowly working exercise into my daily routine, for putting down the goddamn bag of Twizzlers and stepping away. Healthily living, here I comes.

-I'm going to get my play finished. Not just finished; produced too. I know in my gut that it's a great play, that it's going to make people go, "This guy's got the goods," and it's quite frankly disgusting that I've let it sit on my computer, unfinished, for going on two years. There's an old, colorful expression that goes, "Shit, or get off the pot." I believe that now, finally, is the time for me to shit in a big way. Parenthetically, ew.

-I'm going to stop being so selfish and lazy. I'm, as some of you may have figured out, the worst kind of only child. Not only did I never learn to share, I had a family who pretty much gave me whatever I want. They're awesome folks, the lot of them, but they made it way too easy for me. I never really developed a hard-ass work ethic about anything; career, writing, relationships, life in general. Not that I'm blaming my family at all; this is my problem. I'm just saying that's where it started. My girlfriend is, currently, the person who has to put up with this on a daily basis and, well, that sucks balls. She doesn't deserve it and I love her too much to just leave things as they are. So that's something that's going to change; the world doesn't revolve around me and it's not All About Clint (AAC). Time to grow up.

-I'm going to be better about managing my money. I absolutely suck at handling my finances and, at this point, it's like I'm digging a hole so deep that soon I won't be able to see daylight. If my girlfriend and I are ever going to have any sort of future together, I've got to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and I've got to take my credit card debt out into the woods and shoot it in the head, once and for all. Metaphorically speaking.

At any rate, that's the plan. Keep ya'll posted, as I'm sure you've got no problems of your own and are wildly, wildly interested in my inability to act like an adult.


Blogger CrimsonKing said...

I'll be rootin' for you!

5:43 PM  

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