Monday, June 19, 2006

Sing Out, Me!

I'm not ashamed to admit that I dig musical theater. All that purty sangin' makes me smile and I've come to terms with that. I no longer have to attend theatrical functions in an elaborate disguse, such as the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. People would be all, "Hey, are you one of them theater queens?" And I'd flip my satin cape over my soulder, adjust my snap-brim fedora, and, through my half-face mask, I'd reply, "No dude, I'm the Phantom. It's all good; I'm supposed to be here." Most of the time, me and my interrogater would then share a hearty laugh and, if there was a piano handy, throw down a heartbreaking duet of "Music of the Night." Good times... eh, anyway. As I said, I'm cool with being a hetro musical fan and, because of that, I'm cool with admiting that I watch the Tonys. I watch them not because I care who wins (because I've usually only seen one or two things that are nominated), but because they have live performances from all the musicals that are nominated, which makes me go, "Eeeeeee!!!" and clap my hands together like a 13 year old at an 'Nsync concert. That reference my now be dated; I think some of the 'Nsync members are dead or something. Anyway, you catch my drift. Herewith, the two highlights:

This is the clip from Jersey Boys, otherwise known as the show that won everything. It looks good, in a paying-85$-to-hear-songs-you've-heard-on-the-oldies-station-a-million-times kind of way:

And this is a clip from The Wedding Singer: The Musical, which, yes, is a real thing. It's actually supposed to be pretty good. What they show here looks entertainingly peppy, anyhow:

So yeah. Fun. Makes me want to throw on a dance belt and grab my jazz shoes. Er, not that I have either of those things handy. Of course not. I'M MANLY!!!


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