Friday, June 09, 2006

A Friday Without Work

No work for me today, thanks.

The Job comes with, among it's many perks, seven Fridays of blissful, carefree summer fun away from the oppressive office environment. And paid, too. That's right. For seven decedent "Summer Fridays," I am being paid to lay around my apartment, defiantly unshowered, reading trashy horror fiction and chasing the cat around with a spatula.

Selling my soul to the Corporate Mega-Culture has been worth it, at least in terms not working all that much and still being able to pay rent. I mean, sure... I cry myself to sleep at night as I think about the idealistic young artist I used to be and how I killed him execution-style in the dead of night for a bag of shiny ducets. But hey, lots of vacay time, man. It evens out.

Actually, I do have one thing that needs to get accomplished today. No, it's not drinking before noon (although...). I'm covering the New York Asian Film Festival for the magazine and, because I'm a super-important VIP and also because I asked politely, they've sent me some screener DVDs for my perusal. This is actually kind of a big deal for me. This means that I'm being taken seriously enough as a writer for them (the people who run the NYAFF) to want to do everything in their power to get their films reviewed by me. Okay, by my magazine; they personally couldn't care if Bloody Disgusting had a well-trained rooster writing the reviews. Point is, I'm now working for a publication that has at least a medium-sized bag of clout to swing around and it feels very nice to be a part of its trajectory.

So, here in a few, once I get done taking the first of many cat naps in the sunny spot on our bed and engaging in some serious, focused ass-scratching and yawning, I'm going to sit down and watch Art of the Devil 2. It's a sequel (to Art of the Devil 1, I assume) which puts me in a bit of a pickle as I haven't, eh, technically seen the original and I'm not entirely sure it's available in the States. Asian horror films tend to not be the most lucid films to begin with (style over substance: very big with the Asian filmmakers), so I'm anticipating an hour and a half of me going, "Huh?" I'll keep ya posted, though. Should be interesting at the very least.

That's it for now, I suppose. If bordem gets me in a hammerlock, I may be back. Otherwise, just imagine me wandering around my apartment in a Ramen-induced daze, trying to muster up the energy to check the mail. That should about cover it.


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