Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Heat Sucks, But The Plurals Don't

Nothing of terrible import going on today. Brooklyn has started it's slow slide into hot weather, which is just fucking awesome. New York, for some reason, is one of the only places in the continental US that is almost entirely bereft of central air conditioning. That leaves us wrong-headed individuals who've chosen to bunk down here the option of either employing a clunky, expensive window-unit that uses more electricity than an iron lung and makes the ConEd bill shoot up at a rate that can actually give you motion sickness, or just opening a window, sleeping naked and taking ice-cold showers every twenty minutes until September. So that's a bit of a yearly bummer, but whatever. You deal, you manage, you survive.

It'd probably be a lot better if I tried not constantly bitching about it, but... eh, no... me bitching about the heat is part of the summer like trips to the shore and sunburn after sunburn after sunburn.

Anyway, since, apparantly, I don't have anything of merit to speak of at the moment, let me direct your attention to this here link:

It's a sketch-comedy group of which my friend Braden is a founding member and their stuff is the apex of ha-ha. There's a few sketches on the site that say "see, we're awesome" so go check them out. Tell them I said, "Hey."

(Lamp Man is the A+ of the bunch; my opinion)


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