Thursday, May 25, 2006


I feel that I'd be letting all of you down if I told you that I haven't posted because I've just been too lazy and couldn't be bothered. No, that just won't do. So instead I'm going to tell you the "truth." The "truth" is, I've been on a mystical journey of self-discovery that's lead me down a winding path of knowledge, over a flowing river of time, and through a thick forest of irrefuteable truths all of which landed me squarely on a big comfy sofa of personal enlightenment and inner peace. All good, let me tell you. Highly recommend it to anyone that's got some time off coming to them. One word of advice: Bring a change of pants. You'll thank me after you go through this waterfall of puddin... you know what, nevermind. It's better if it's a surprise.

Anyway, so that happened.

You can stop reading this now if you're not a fan of "LOST" because that's pretty much all I'm going to talk about until I get bored of this post.

Okay, so "LOST" concluded it's 2nd season last night...

Um... yeah, don't quite know what to think. I like that they explained the plane crash (though we'd all kind of sussed out that the electromagnets had something to do with it) and I like that they managed to throw a big-ass monkey wrench in the "the island is really purgatory/the island is in another dimension/the island is really aliens in outer space" theory. Also, really loved the random "Hey, what's that big four-toed stone foot thing" that got thrown in there and then never mentioned again. That hit just the right note of creepy and it adds a whole new element of whatthefuck to the proceedings. Generally, it was a good episode, though not "the best season finale of all time" as creator J.J. Abrams has been saying the last couple of weeks. It was entertaining, but the show is still way, way to frustrating to elicit such slobbery praise.

The issues I had with the finale (and, by proxy, the show it's self) are these:

-They have got to fucking stop with the whole "all the characters crossed paths before they ended up on the island" thing. It's been getting way too precious for the last few months and, last night, with having Libby be the one who gave Desmond his boat... that's just insulting.

-We're never going to figure out what's up with The Others, are we? I mean, okay, they're not the hillbilly jungle-dwellers that we were lead to believe at first; they all but admitted that flat-out last night. A theory that I've had for a while is that The Others are actually, as Not-Henry Gale put it, "the good guys," and that seemed to be corroburated a bit too. I think, since our perspective on them is skewed, we only see the things they do as bad. Okay, granted, Ethan hanging Charlie was vaugely evil, but still. I think they might actually be the good guys and our heros might actually be the bad guys in the grand scheme of things. With Jack, Kate and Sawyer being taken off by The Others at the end, I'm hoping next season will shed whole stadiums of light on that particular subject.

-The actual ending of the show last night should have, by all rights, left me saying "Wow!" Instead, it left me saying "huh..." and that's just not cool. Desmond's girlfriend is still looking for him and is using people in Antarctica to hunt for electromagnetic pulses from the Hatch. Uh, okay. I'm all for cliffhangers, but I'm mainly for cliffhangers that are exciting as opposed to cliffhangers that just ask a bunch of questions that we couldn't possibly have the answers to.

-All in all, there's a very fine line between building an intricate mystery and just being stingy with the info. The main emotion that a TV show wants to leave an audiance with is not frustration, I'm positive, yet that's all we've gotten from "LOST" this season. Not awesome.

Of course, I'm not going to stop watching because I want to see where they're going with all this, but still... I'm keeping my arms crossed an expression of "Prove yourself, young man" on my face.


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