Friday, May 05, 2006

I Could Have Spit On Cliff Floyd

My girl, with her infinate coolness and bottomless reserve of "Wow!," managed to score us third row field box seats to the Mets game last night. Let me see if I can clarify this... we were sitting close enough to Home Plate that, had the mood struck me, I could have been over the rail and tackling hard-hitting outfielder Carlos Beltran before the security team had a chance to look up from their gratis Cubano sandwiches and set their mace cartridges to spray.

We, along with our friend Lisa who came along f0r the ride, ate delicious Nathan's hot dogs and salty, wonderful peanuts as we thrilled to four innings of shut-out pitching courtesy of Tom Glavine; we soared at the three-run homer scored by Xavier Nady; we watched in wonder as third baseman David Wright made impossible catch after impossible catch.

Eh... okay, I thrilled, soared and watched in wonder. Among the three of us, I'm really the only one that could be labled a Baseball Fan. Emily was more interested in figuring out how she could make handsome right-fielder (and three-run homer hitting) Xavier Nady her new boyfriend and Lisa was fairly occupied by the planes from LaGuardia flying overhead and hating the obnoxious man a few rows down who insisted on screaming at the roly-poly bat boy to please, it's my son's birthday, toss me a ball!!!

Anyway, it was a rare moment of high society... a brief dip in the pool of Haves. And, as we sat there applauding and booing apporpriately, sucking the salt from the peanut shells and cheering on the bad-season-having but still great ballplayer Cliff Floyd, I realized that this life I'm living, small and un-pop-culture-influancing though it may be, is something spectacular.

Love, Friends and Baseball... a perfect evening if ever their was one.


Blogger Braden said...

There's something about going to a baseball game that's just makes it better than watching other sports. Katie and I have gone to see a couple of UT games, and while I haven't started actually following the sport, and Katie hasn't (to my knowledge) expectorated on any of the infielders, we still had a great time.

4:30 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

the obnoxious man never said please, he just yelled. And the bat boy's name was matt.

7:55 PM  

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