Monday, May 22, 2006

Ankle Drama

I'm posting this link not because it's super-gross and not because I take delight in the misery and pain of others. No, I'm posting this because for the life of me, I cannot stop watching it. It's like when you're at the laundromat and you get hypnotized by the dryer full of towels and before you know it, you're being asked to leave because you're dead-eyed, drooling gaze is freaking everyone out.

It's exactly like that, but with a broken ankle instead of a dryer full of towels.

!!! WARNING !!!

It is really kind of gross, though. Watching it, if you've any kind of empathy in your body, will make your stomach clench and your head will kind of feel the way it does when you accidentally scrape your fork on a dinner plate and it makes that ear-violating shriek. Seriously, a foot is not supposed to do that.


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