Monday, June 12, 2006

Panic in the Subways!

You'd think that people would have already come to grips with the NYC transit system's every-now-and-again tendancy to freak out and stop working properly, but no. People still get all raged out about it and it's just silly.

Example: This morning, all of the Metrocard vending machines in my subway station stopped accepting credit cards. The MTA employee in the little glass booth was, as is part of his contract, entirely unhelpful. People were spazzing around, all full of sass and fury; "Well what are we supposed to do??? For god sakes, the horror, THE HORROR!!!" This one woman in particular was stomping about in such a huff that a small child actually mistook her for Yosimite Sam after he'd been shown up by Bugs.

Now, granted, I'm probably a bit more chill about the whole subway thing because I have a job that's so casual in it's tardiness policies that I could show up at noon still drunk from an all-nite bender and they'd just be all, "Hey man, you missed out on the free bagels." I recognize that most people don't have the luxury of a job with fairly low standards. Still... we live in New York, where a good 75% of us are entirely reliant on the subways. If one breaks down or what have you, there really is nothing you can do. Jobs just have to understand that we're at the mercy of a transit system that, while it may be the best in the world, is still run by people who aren't exactly on speaking terms with common sense. Add to that the tendency for machines to, on occasion, break down and... well... you're going to have problems once in awhile.

Getting super-tweaked and foaming about it just makes you look hilarious to other people.

Anyway, that's all. And if you're wondering, I didn't update this weekend because I was very lazy. I'm sure most of you figured that out already, but just so it gets said out loud. Lazy. Me. So sorry.


Anonymous Das Ermilouw said...

But see, it wasn't a problem with the SUBWAY, so much it was a hiccup with the TICKET MAHINES Which triples the frustration because however the trains may be running...if you can't buy a can't get on the subway no matter how well or poorly they are running.

It would be like if Las Vegas casinos cut out the ATMs, people can't play and lose all their money if you don't have smiling faces and blinking machines to take it from them.

And the fact that the MTA employee was so usless makes it worse. Don't you want my $76 for a 30 day pass? Your machines are passing up the chance to rake me, and many others, over the coals for sub-par service...would you turn your nose up at the cheap and free money we're throwing at you?

Even if the subways aren't the best...wouldn't you set fire to your shorts to make sure you could take money from willing victims? That'd be like setting fire to your Uncle Marty at your Bar Mitzvah when he tries to pass you a big bill.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Clinton said...

Yes, yes... that's all well and good. But wouldn't Panic in the Subway! be an AWESOME name for a new action/adventure movie? Or a snotty NYC punk band?

8:41 PM  

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