Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Morning in the Park With Prince


There are times when living in New York is a real drag... being rubbed up against on the subway by a guy with one shoe who smells like a dirty pillowcase stuffed with vomit and cabbage, having roaches in your kitchen and that will actually pull a knife on you if you get in their way, and of course that whole could-be-killed-at-any-minute-by-terrorists thing.

But... there are times when living New York is like a crazy caffeine-fueled dream where magic explodes out of the subway tunnels and everyone sings and dances and laughs until they cry. Watching the Amazin' Mets play at Shea Stadium, seeing a little off-off-off Broadway show that blows your mind, and seeing fucking Prince giving a concert in the park at 8:30 in the morning as you're walking to work.

That's right... PRINCE!!! He was there as part of Good Morning America's "Hey, here's some music in the morning" concert series, or whatever they call it. I stood on the edge of the park and watched him do a couple of songs; new stuff of course, because he doesn't do the old stuff anymore. Seeing Prince is cool no matter what, but it would be 50 times cooler if he'd do Raspberry Beret. Regardless, awesome.

Oh, and he was wearing a bright pink suit. Gotta love that.


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