Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Morning Hodgepodge

I know that you all live and die by my emotional state of well-being so, first things first, let me give you an update on yesterday's unexplained funk: I'm feeling better... maybe it's because it's Friday, maybe it's because Girlfriend and I had a lovely evening last night just hanging out, drinking beer, and watching a ton of episodes of Weeds... who knows? It probably has more to do with the chemicals in my brain rebalancing themselves or the aliens have stopped blasting me with their Sad-Face Beams or that unmarked bottle of pills I found on the subway, but whatever the case, I'm happy to be happy again. Although I will say this... being all funkified yesterday... totally lousy. All brooding and and sulky. I felt like The Crow. Even put on the make-up, which so didn't go with what I was wearing. But it all evened out because I saved the city from gang members or mobsters or evil businessmen or... um... whatever the hell that movie was about.


The Hot Wings & Blue Cheese Doritos Collisions are fucking delicious. I mean, they don't really taste like hot wings or blue cheese... all Doritos either taste like their version of salsa or their version of ranch, regardless of what it says on the package... but still, having both together in the same bag like a camping trip gone spectacularly naughty... best idea in the snacking community since the coating of pretzels with chocolate. And NO, I'm not being paid by Doritos for this endorsement. Because they are motherfucking stingy. Don't they realize that I hold sway over SEVERAL people?!?! I'm like a God, if Gods had almost no power and were doughy!!! Doritos, fall before my might, or at least give me some free chips!!! I command it and I also say, "please!"


Bit of site business: As you may have noticed, I started a couple of new, regular features this week... the thing about shots and the thing about albums, specifically. I think both of them are going to be a lot of fun and make ladies pregnant and heal cancer with an uppercut made of pure goodness and hope. And, for good measure, we're going to start another regular feature next week as well... something sort of in the same ballpark (or at least the same sport) as the posts about shots, but with the spirit of our dear, departed friend, ICFC.

The thing I wanted to mention, though, about all three of these new regular features is that... in order to make my life easier and to not have this blog become a total pain in the ass... I've decided to not have them appear on set days. Meaning, there won't be a schedule to speak of like their was with the aforementioned ICFC. Feeling like I have to have something done on a certain day, for me, sucks all the fun out of doing it... makes it seem like work, and work and I aren't really ever on speaking terms. So... that being the case... I'm going to try to do one of each every week, but the actual days on which they're posted will change with my moods, whims, and levels of laziness.

So there you go... oh, and the one about the albums might end up being a bi-monthly affair, as it's a lot of work (not that you could tell that from the writing). Haven't decided.


Good interview with our nation's new Top Chef over at the AV Club, for those of you who might be interested. I was hoping for a little more dishy gossip, or for her to at least call Lisa out as the worst person on the planet, but whatever. Still interesting.


And, I don't know... I guess that's it. I've already got a shit-ton of work to do today, as two of my groupmates are off doing their Summer Friday thing, so I should probably get on that. Pity me, kiddos. Inputting invoices and the tedium therein are all that lie ahead for yours truly. But it's okay. Soon it will be over. After all, as a great man once said, it can't rain all the time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doughy Gods are the only ones to worship. All hail, C-Dog! Arbiter of Awesome and Lord High King of All Things Tasty.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Todd said...

Ooooo... I like the teasers! It leaves me happy and still wanting more!

11:59 AM  
Blogger brookLyn gaL said...

Friday can make ANYONE feel better.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Clinton said...

Harry... I like the sound of that. Everyone, follow Harry's example please.

Todd...That's what she said.

Brooklyn... No joke.

12:25 PM  

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