Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Get Better" by Mates of State

This is the new single from Mates of State's latest album, which I believe hits stores today, or maybe next week. Not sure. But you should buy it because they're one of the few consistently awesome bands out there these days. And they got kids to feed, so support, support, support!!!

The video features animal masks, choreography, a terrorism bear, and a very pregnant Kori Gardner, whom has since had the kid.

BONUS: Here's a shot from their just-filmed music video, taken from their extremely readable rock-stars-are-also-parents blog, Band on the Diaper Run. Looks neat-o!


Blogger Lioux said...


Being a Bad Boy Rock Star seeking support myself, maybe I should get some kids to feed.


Where do kids come from, Clinton?

7:57 PM  
Blogger Clinton said...

The word on the street is that kids come from vaginas, but... I don't know... most of the vaginas that I've seen didn't look very big. Certainly not big enough for a kid to walk out. Yeah, honestly, I'm not real sure how it all goes down, if that's the case.

Must be some kind of lady-magic.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Lioux said...

No, Clinton.

I meant KIDS.

Kids = Baby Goats

9:04 AM  
Blogger Bill From Gainesville said...

Ok, Yes, thats a post about a rock band, but will you look at those Ball pits? they are all rainbowey and pristine. Its like they made a little ball pit but then told all the kids they could only look. Like, here kid, its a cool toy, but dont you dare play in it. I am pretty sure that ball pit needs some MIXIN and rompin around in...

9:12 AM  
Blogger Clinton said...

Lioux... Oh, I see what you meant. But yeah, they come from the same place. EVERYTHING comes from the vagina. Cars, fresh produce, hot new rock bands... As is my understanding, as I said.

Bill...I think they're being arty. Which is fine with me; they're good enough to be as arty as they please. But I agree. I would totally cannonball in there in a heartbeat.

10:52 AM  

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