Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Bacon Chocolate Bar Update

We finally cracked into the Vosges Bacon Chocolate bar that I got Girlfriend for Valentine's Day (look below for the full story if you haven't read it already). Herewith, a brief review...

NOTE: It's one of those foods that you can only describe in snobby terms, so please bear with me.

The first thing you taste is the chocolate, which is milky and of high quality. Then there's a smokiness that is released as the chocolate begins to melt in your mouth. You can definitely taste the bacon in it, but it's not an overwhelming, porky taste... it's more woody and earthy, the salt (there's also sea salt in the bar) and the smoke blending together nicely in the back of the throat. The bacon itself wasn't in strips, as the packaging would suggest; it's mixed into the chocolate in little crumbles, almost like slightly chewy bacon bits. Also, I was surprised at how rich the bar was; Girlfriend and I each ate one square (about the size of an air mail stamp) and that was quite enough for one sitting. Rest assured, however, that we will be finishing it soon.

So there you go. The final verdict: Very Tasty


Blogger Braden said...

Oh bacon, besides "Feed An Orthodox Jew", is there anything you can't do?

4:36 PM  
Blogger Clinton said...

Bacon couldn't teach me to love. Or... well, actually, it might have been able to. I don't know. I ate it all.

11:52 AM  
Blogger stew said...

This post is sexier than anything that has ever been posted in the entire history of the internet.

Except for all the porn and stuff.

2:04 PM  

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