Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Car Wash Nuttiness

This was described on the YouTube as "Old Man Goes Nuts In Car Wash." I can't really speak to the age of the driver, but the "goes nuts" part is certainly accurate. Dude, the car wash didn't do anything to you. It was just trying to clean off your automobile, as is it's want. And then you had to get all buckwild on it's helpful, robot ass:

For shame, driver-man. For shame.

NOTE: We're just going to assume that everyone made it out alive. Though the people in that mini-van probably shat themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hey! Get your car washed today!
Fillup and you don't have to pay!"

I'll be humming that song all nite!

12:22 AM  
Blogger Hex said...

Oh man, the only thing better would be if we could have a microphone inside the car, so we could hear the guy yelling

"Do you see what happens, Larry? This is what happens Larry!!"

11:01 AM  

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