Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been meaning to post this for a while now but, for reasons that I'm sure have everything to do with my alcohol intake, actually doing so just hasn't happened. Damn you delicious liquor and your mind-erasing properties!!!

Aw... liquor, I can't stay mad at you. (sound of C-dog chugging Everclear and, faintly, his liver screaming)

Anyway, Mindgame. It's a play that I can't tell you anything about. I know that sounds a bit coy, but... well... it's sort of the truth. It's got one of those plots with a kajillion twists, see, and after having seen it, I'm now afraid to talk about it lest I accidentally give away something best left to in-theater discovery. I'm pretty sure the director, Ken Russell, of The Who's Tommy and Whore fame, would track me down and try to drown me in baked beans and/or beat me with Theresa Russell's high heels.

NOTE: These obscure Ken Russell references brought to you by My Film Degree (haha, I'm a big nerd who has trivia where his ability to love is supposed to be!).

I can tell you... I think... that it stars Keith Carradine, whom I once saw in Will Roger's Follies while on a class trip to New York in 1991. So, you know, suck it. There's also another guy in it and a girl, too, who wears a sexy nurse uniform for most of the show.

God... was that an important detail... I don't think so... shit, I should have written this sooner...

Look, just check out Mindgame, okay, especially if you like British-flavored drawing room mysteries with creepy music and general head-trippery. And, of course, my apologies to Ken Russell for painting him in this post as a spoiler-adverse psycho who tries to kill people in ways that allude to his filmography. It was only an attempt at humor!

A horrible, horrible attempt at humor...


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