Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Dayin'

Not being at work on a Monday rules like an iron-fist dictator in a foreign land that sits on a throne of skulls and drinks the blood of his enemies from a golden goblet. Or... something... look, it's Labor Day and I'm already pretty much gooned on the sauce, so let me just cut to the motherfucking chase...

No post today, because DOYE (yes, besides this one, smart ass).

I posted a new Micro Story yesterday, so go read that. It's gory.

Tomorrow, part two of the Nerds pictorial. It will be awesome times your mom.

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy day of honoring labor or, you know, whatever this holiday is supposed to be about. Oh, and if by some tragic circumstance you ARE on the job... seriously... call in a bomb threat. There's no excuse for having to work today, unless you're a boob photographer or a product tester for a company that produces a fine single malt scotch.


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