Friday, February 09, 2007

The Pogues in NYC!!!

Ack! How am I just now hearing about this?

The Pogues are one of my favorite bands of all time; very big influence on my late-high school, early-college days. They don't tour in America very much, so I've never gotten the chance to see them in all of their drunken glory. This is one of those "sell all your stuff, damn the rent, offer your body to strangers for money" kind of situations; I will be at this concert. Hell, highwater, whatever, no matter. Besides, I've got to see if Shane MacGowan is as skanky in person as he is on video. I'm betting yes.

Anyway, with all of that in mind, here's a selection of videos so you can see what I'm on about:

Rainy Night In SoHo

Dirty Old Town

Fairytale of New York


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