Monday, February 05, 2007

A Bit About The Super Bowl, Then We Can All Get On With Our Lives

- I was really glad that the Colts won last night, mainly because I wanted Peyton Manning to have a Super Bowl ring. My girlfriend asked why I cared, which is a fair question. The answer is, of course, because of Dan Marino. Despite the fact that Marino is a millionaire, and despite the fact that he had a Hall of Fame NFL career, and despite the fact that he still holds two passing records (single season and career), I've always felt sorry for him. Like, if I saw him on the street, I'd want to give him hug. Marino was never on a team that won the Super Bowl and, because of that fact, his entire career will forever be blemished with an omnipresent "yeah, but..."; he did this, he did that... yeah, but... he doesn't have that Super Bowl ring. I've always equated his situation with that of Alfred Hitchcock's, who never won an Oscar (Honorary ones don't count) despite widely being regarded as one of the best filmmakers of all time. And, yes, I know that shiny rings and golden statues aren't the measure of either man; they both achieved more than most in their fields and they will go down in the history books as legends. Yeah, but...

- When that guy returned the opening kick-off for a touchdown, I totally lost my shit. Yeah, his team lost, but having done that... something that's never before been accomplished in a Super Bowl... is a pretty fucking sweet consolation prize.

- I like that it rained the whole time. Rain always makes things more atmospheric; it lends drama and importance to what is essentially just a marketing tool used to sell trucks and Coke.

- The halftime show with Prince was probably the best four-song concert I've ever seen. Seeing his Majestic Purple Weirdness singing "Purple Rain" in a driving rainstorm , after doing a perfect cover of "The Best of You," after doing an awesome cover of "Proud Mary," after opening with "Let's Go Crazy," on a giant Prince-sign shaped stage, was something damn special; sure beats the hell out of seeing McCartney sing "Hey Jude" for the billionth time.

- The commercials were lame. (Except for the Letterman/Oprah one)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was very atmospheric, I just wish the second half would have been as exciting as the first half. and of course, I had no idea the game started at 5:25pm, so I missed the whole beginning, I turned it on after Chicago had already gotten the opening TD. oh well, guess I'll have to check it out on the TiVo tonight, lol.

and Prince royally kicked my ass.

10:20 AM  

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