Wednesday, February 07, 2007

James Mercer Interview

It's likely that a healthy lot of you are already AV Club readers, but, should that not be the case, I highly recommend you click here.

After the jump, you'll find a really great interview with The Shin's lead singer James Mercer that, in deference to Valentine's Day, focuses mainly on his thoughts regarding the subject of love. Mercer comes across as a very affable and intelligent guy who just happens to front the most popular indie band in the country and I totally dig that. It's refreshing to find a musician who's not an obscure freak or "too cool" or just generally a douchebag. Pleasent human beings do, in fact, make the best interview subjects.

Anyway, because I liked the interview so much, I just listened to all three Shins albums back-to-back-to-back and I enjoyed myself immensely.


Anonymous Melora said...

Interesting to know.

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