Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who Arted???

Went with Em to the Whitney Biennial today. For those of you who don't live in the greater Manhattan area and therefore aren't required to know about deeply pretentious things for fear that you'll have your mid-twenties taken away from you, forcing you to move to the outer-edges of Queens and open a small deli where you'll live as an old man or woman until you can wear a trucker hat and white belt with enough elan to be allowed back into the island of Manhattan... The Whitney Biennial is a showcase for artists that is considered to be the cutting edge of the current art scene; hip, funky-fresh, etc. I found it, personally, about as hip and funky-fresh as Mr. Big's hit single "To Be With You," which is to say, not terribly hip and funky-fresh at all. There seemed to be an overabundance of art aimed at... how's this for daring, in-your-face edginess... how the Bush presidency sucks and fuck that guy!!! Um... yeah, allow me to drop-kick a large wad of "No Doi!" into the atmosphere. Railing on the Bush administration these days is kind of like calling the retarded kid in gym class a retard when he can't catch a softball. It's fucking 2006 people, we all know Bush sucks and we all know he's not going anywhere. I'm from Texas, mind you, and I hate the guy not only because I think he's an ass politician, but also because he makes we Texans look bad, and even I'm saying enough's enough. Anyway, there was a lot of that kind of stuff and a bunch of video installations that gave me a headache, and some other things that were interesting but left my brain as soon as they left my eyeline. My friend Lisa, who has like 19 art degrees and once kicked Basquiat in the nuts, went with us and said everything was mostly bullshit, so I'm going to stand firmly behind the expert and say, yeah, that stuff was wack, yo.Or something. Anyway, it was a good day in the sense that we all got out of the house and got to feel superior to a bunch of artists, which always leaves me with a warm, drank-a-bottle-of-NyQuil glow.


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