Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Goths are Dumb

Apparantly, "goth" kids are more likely to do themselves harm as opposed to good boys and girls who choose not to dress like a Hot Topic exploded all over them. This doesn't exactly strike me as a negative thing; keeping company with a group of goth kids makes one long for the intelligence, class and social graces found amongst those that hang out in bus stations after midnight. It is surprising, though, that it's the kids doing said harming to themselves and not the general citizenry taking matters into their own hands.
I can tell you from personal experiance that, whenever I see a slouching, bitterly acne-ridden teen who's smeared himself in the make-up from his sister's old Halloween costume so he looks like a rather liberal interpretation of The Crow, I feel the need to rain blows down on him so bad it's like I have to pee.
It's not so much the stupid clothes (though they're smart to dress in slimming black; a lucky break for about 80f all male goths) that I dislike, or even the craptacular music and the strict adherene to guidlines within their subculture that make the Brownshirts seem like your old dormmate who used the same towel for a whole sememster and always attended classes looking like a down-on-his luck boogie boarder. No, it's the attitude that really grates my cheese.
Now, I do recognize that some of the kids who get cuddlin' close to the goth culture come from shitty backgrounds, homewise, and for them a pallor of gloom and doom comes naturally. Those folks get some what of a free pass, but all the other ones... those who come form normal families and just choose to act like manic depressives for no other reason than they're "afflicted" with a suburban boredom so utterly manufactured it's sold at Specner's Gifts next to the fart machines and the black light posters... well, fuck them. I feel that if you're going to act like you hate everyone and everything and all is blackness and hate and a swirling eddy of dark dispair, you might as well do everyone the kindess of offing yourself because, Prince of Bloody Pain, we don't like standing behind you at the movie theater. You're irritating and pretentious and when you look back on these days you're going be struck down by a shame so powerful it will set your hair on fire anyway, so... you know... go ahead and get down with the sickness.

As it were.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I couldn't have written it better myself.

Reading the "wanting to rain down blows so bad it kinda feels like I have to pee" thing resulted in Coke being spit all over my monitor. Thanks again.

3:32 PM  

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