Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Girlfriend is Better

My girlfriend got me a 6-pack of tickets (that's 12 tickets to 6 games) to see the Mets play this season. Why? Because, in her words, "I love you and I knew it'd make you happy." HA! Suck on it, those that have no one who loves them!!!Wow. Sorry, that was perhaps a little south of the "too harsh" line. I'm just feeling a lot of emotions right now... scary emotions that I'm not equipped to name because they make me feel like a big mushy man-shaped pile of cuddles and pet names and, well... they may come and take my penis away if I get overly-flowery with my gushing. Not helping the matters of my emotional state, we just watched the movie Grave of the Fireflies, which is an Anime film. Now, as a general rule, I tend to avoid anime because I have a healthy sexuality that finds no room for tentacle rape and boobs that are so frighteningly large and ponderous they give me vertigo. But, like with all things, there are exceptions... some times it snows in April, occasionally a National Leauge team will win the World Series and, every now and again, the Japanese will put out an animated film that won't make you weep for your lost innocence. Grave of the Fireflies, along with most of the output from Ghibli Studios, is one of those happy few. Okay, "happy" isn't really the right word. It's about World War 2, told from an innocent Japanese bystander point of view, and is kind of like watching your mother get beaten with sticks in front of you while everything you own is set ablaze by your high school sweetheart as she fucks your best friend on top of your dead childhood pet. Only more downbeat. So with the baseball tickets and the movie that even Sylvia Plath finds way too heavy, I'm just a big ball of wet, gross emotions and writing about them on Myspace pretty much makes me a 13-year-old girl. So that's where my head's at tonight. Happy day, though. And I love that girl.


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