Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Smiley Faces Are Delicious

Smart is fried mashed potatoes. Genius is molding said fried mashed potatoes into smiley face shapes and selling them under the name "Smilies!":

I've plowed through a couple of bags of these bad boys in the last few weeks and they're like eating pure joy, with ketchup. If you can find them, buy them. Don't even think about it. Just pick up the shiny mylar-looking bag they come in and walk to the register. Okay, stop and get some beer first. But then, make tracks to the nearest cashier and pass over your hard-earned smackers. When you get them into your home, pop them in the oven until they're crispy on both sides. Pour a small dish of your favorite dipping sauce (as I said, ketchup is how I roll, but BBQ sauce, mustard, A-1, mayo, hell, even chocolate syrup would do in a pinch). Now take your plate of golden love to where ever it is that you keep the TV. Turn on your favorite comedy program or perhaps, if you're feeling it, a scary movie. Don't forget the beer! Watch, drink and consume, liberally double-dipping with abandon.

Hey look, you've found a zen-like state of inner peace that you weren't even aware was attainable in this work-a-day world!

Beats the hell out of yoga, anyway.


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