Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seeing as how I haven't published anything meaningful since the end of March, and seeing as how I can't even get my shit together long enough to operate a proper Twitter feed, I think it's about time we go ahead and call it a career.

Yes, as today... well, as of a few months ago when I stopped posting, but officially as of today... ZFS! is done. For real this time.

Seriously, kids, thanks for reading. It's been heaping handfuls of fun, especially back in the day, and getting to know you guys has truly made the fact that ZFS! never netted me a book deal a little easier to swallow. I wish you all happy lives, or at least lives filled with enough booze to make it feel tolerable, if only until the hangover kicks in.

As for me... hell, I've got no clue. School didn't work out, but other things in my life are suddenly going just gangbusters. So who knows? Maybe I'll finally write that novel... maybe I'll be found dead in a ditch, strangled by a circus clown who didn't like my attitude... maybe I'll just dance, dance, DANCE!!!

Whatever happens, I'm sure I'll be fine. Until we meet again... in another life, or on another website lurking moistly in a dark corner of the internet... so long, my friends.

This has been C-dog.

This has been Zombie Fights Shark!


Oh, P.S. You can follow me on Facebook if you'd like. THAT, I do keep current, plus it's a good way to find out about any upcoming projects of mine (should you be interested) and also you'll be kept up to date on what sandwiches I'm eating AND how drunk I am at any given time. So feel free to "friend."