Thursday, October 26, 2006

Award-Winning Critique

In case any of you were wondering what I thought of last night's LOST episode, I have good news for you... The wait is over! Now, some of you are I'm sure saying, "But C-Dog, I don't even watch LOST. Actually, I'm not even fully aware of what LOST is. Is it some sort of toothpaste or perhaps a new kind of liquor, because judging from your past posts, you talk about liquor a whole lot. I'm just saying that odds are, if you're talking about something I haven't heard of, it's probably a new kind of liquor that you're currently using to inflict damage on your liver."

Well, first off, glad you've been paying attention. Secondly, no, LOST isn't a toothpaste or a new fancy kind of liquor, though were it so, it would clean the living shit out of your teeth and get you mad-dog drunk with merely a sip, respectively. And third, even if you're unfamiliar with LOST (it's a TV show, just so we're clear), believe me when I say that you're still going to want to stick around for my opinions on last night's episode because, and I'm not bragging or anything, but I'm probably going to win the Pulitzer for Outstanding Critique with this one. Let's just say there's been some interest and leave it at that. Also, I bought all of the judging committee dinner at Sbarro's last night. I'm soooo a lock.

Anyway, enough talk. Genuflect and remove your caps, fellas, and ladies, make sure there's a sturdy fainting couch nearby. Here we go:

Last night's episode of LOST, which prominently featured the character of "Sawyer" and had quite a bit of action and drama, was... awesome! No, scratch that, it was totally awesome!

Top Chef was pretty good too, but my thoughts on that are fairly pedestrian. So I won't bother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may be your best critique yet!

Although, is this really your best work? I was stunned at the brilliance and Hannibal Lecter-like insightfulness of some of your past critiques, inluding a collection of movie posters which you called "crappy", and the recent non-death of your wonderful lady friend, which you called "good".

Now THOSE were some heady days.

All in all, I'd call this most recent comment by one of your fans "legible".

10:24 AM  
Blogger Clinton said...

Legible? No question. Now if only I could read.

11:20 AM  

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