Friday, August 11, 2006

Cleaning Day

Again with the f'ing alarm (see: a couple of posts down), this time at 3am! Madness, I tells ya, madness. The good news is that I didn't freak out and think I'd been transported to the future. I was simply annoyed. So we're making progress.

Anyway, as Em's mom is coming this evening, today is the day of the Big Clean. We'd intended to start cleaning last night, but we thought it'd make much more sense to whip up a few blenderfuls of Pina Colodas (with extra Rum!) and watch the Sport's Disasters marathon on The Learning Channel. Life is all about choices and that, clearly, was the right one.

I'll pop back in later to say "Howdy," but for now, please enjoy this instructional video:


Blogger Reimi said...

thank you for visiting my blog :) Yesterday (now it's saturday in Japan) was a cleaning day also for me. I've been too lazy to clean my room recently and my room was really messed up... p.s I really don't know why but the picture of you reminded me of Care Bears :D

1:03 PM  

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